Agenda item


To consider the following Part I Decisions of the Executive taken on 15 September 2021:


2. Minutes – 11 August 2021                                       3 – 10

3. Minutes of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee     11 – 14

and Select Committees

4. Covid – 19 Update

5. Transforming our Town Centre Programme update  15 - 48

and Towns Fund Decision Making

6. Corporate Performance Quarter One 2021/22          49 - 84

7. General Fund MTFS Update (2020/22 – 2025/26)    85 – 122

8. Annual Treasury Management Strategy Review       123 - 144

of 2020/21 including Prudential Code


Notice of Decisions to follow





2.         Minutes of the Executive – 11 August 2021




3.         Minutes of the Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees




4.         Covid-19 Update


            The following comments/questions were raised:


·         The Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA’s) were used by the National Office of Statistics and were closely aligned to the Council Wards although not exactly the same.

·         It was confirmed that there was a rounding up error in relation to the vaccination rate set out in the report which would be rectified.         


5.         Transforming Our Town Centre Programme Update and Towns Fund Decision Making


            The following responses were given to a number of comments/questions raised:


·         Not all projects benefitting from the Towns Fund were within the Town Centre boundary;

·         Councillors Sharon Taylor and John Gardner were Members of the Stevenage Development Board and Councillor Richard Henry involved with a themed Sub-Group of the Board relating to Leisure and Culture;

·         Themes for street naming had not yet been approved but it was confirmed that the Planning and Development Committee would be involved in the process;

·         Officers would be happy to engage with Members about any ideas they had in relation to Towns Fund projects and also ‘Meanwhile Use’ of any areas;

·         Every Business Case would be thoroughly scrutinised and considered by the Executive and this Committee and if necessary Full Council. In addition, it was noted that the Community Select Committee was looking closely at the New Town Heritage Centre;

·         An All Member Briefing had been scheduled for 30 September;

·         Final decisions would be taken in due course regarding details of where the funding for the cycling/walking infrastructure plan would be allocated;

·         In relation to redevelopment of other areas such as the Oval and Marymead shops, this would be coming forward for development in the future;

·         Members asked that consideration be given to inviting the Chair of the Stevenage Development Board to a future meeting where this matter was being discussed.


6.         Corporate Performance Quarter One 2021/22


            The following responses were given to a number of comments/questions raised:


·         Concern was expressed regarding response times within the CSC, Officers were aware of the issue and advised that a combination of the lockdown, previous efficiency savings plus an increase in the complexity of cases for household and individuals had caused the issue. Work was now underway to address this and proposals would be forthcoming to Members in the next calendar year regarding a remodelling of the Service;

·         In relation to the recent IT issues, Officers advised that although there had been a level of disruption this week, the network upgrade had been completed and would ensure that the Council could continue with planned IT improvements;

·         The MRC contract was continuing alongside engagement with Leaseholders regarding the repayment of the charges required of them. Officers agreed to send a summary of the payment options available to Leaseholders to all Members of the Committee;

·         Changes would be made to the next Performance Report to ensure the headings listed in the PI tables were relevant and that the Officer responsible for each Indicator was listed for ease of reference for Members;

·         Officers agreed that it would be beneficial to engage Members where possible in the end to end process review;

·         In relation to the Garage Programme, it was noted that further work was underway and a report had been requested on a number of issues to ensure the Council could demonstrate safety as well as value for money;

·         Statistics would be provided for Members in relation to homelessness figures, in particular the numbers with and without a local connection to the Town. Work was ongoing in conjunction with the Herts Accommodation Cell;

·         The Committee agreed that the Chair should talk to officers about the possibility of a stand-alone scrutiny into the re-letting of void properties.


7.         General Fund Medium Term Financial Strategy Update (2020/22 – 2025/26)




8.         Annual Treasury Management Strategy Review of 2020/21 Including Prudential Code


            Officers advised that advice was taken from the Council’s Treasury Management Advisers regarding the investment companies used by the Council.

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