Agenda item


To consider the following Part I Decisions of the Executive to be taken on 9 June 2021.


2.       Minutes – 10 March 2021                                                      3 -16

3.       Minutes of Overview & Scrutiny Committee and Select          17 - 22


4.       Covid-19 Update

5.       Co-operative Tenant and Resident Involvement Strategy        23 - 68

6.       Leisure Contract Work Programme                                        69 – 78


Notice of Decisions to follow





2. Minutes of the Executive 10 March 2021




3. Minutes of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Select Committee



4. Covid19 Update


The Strategic Director (RP) advised that he provided an updated on the latest Covid19 position at the Executive meeting held on Wednesday 9 March 2021. He provided the following key updates to Members.


·       Epidemiology statistics were ward- related and did not indicate the socio-economic or employment of individuals;

·       Stevenage was little below the average for vaccination rate across Hertfordshire;

·       Vaccine hesitancy; lower take up of the vaccines in some communities, linked to deprival areas;

·        Hertfordshire County Council was working to set up vaccination walk in centres without prior appointments.

·       Council was working on new ways of working, further information would be provided in the next Executive meeting.

Strategic Director (RP) advised on vaccine hesitancy that low income residents were concerned about the impact of the vaccine on them, in case they developed symptoms and would not be able to go to work.


Members asked numerous questions and received the following comments:


·       Members would be provided with a briefing note with details of relevant phone numbers of organisations offering help to those with suicidal tendencies;

·       Vaccine hesitancy was considered to be a major issue, further work would be needed to tackle the issue.

The Committee noted the report.



5. Co-operative Tenant and Resident involvement Strategy


The Committee was briefed that the Executive considered a report in respect of proposed new arrangement for ensuring that SBC tenants and residents have a range of opportunities to participate in the management of their homes and neighbourhoods, building on the development of the Co-operative Neighbourhood operating model.


The Assistant Director (RG) advised Members that the Housing Management Advisory Board would be consulted on the new proposal by way of a workshop session. The consultation exercise would put the residents’ views first. Members were informed about the new co-operative customer scrutiny model for housing function, as set out in Appendix 1 of the report on the Executive agenda.


The Committee noted the report.



6. Leisure Contract Work Programme


The Committee was briefed that the Executive received a report on Leisure Contract Work Programme. Members were advised on the current arrangement that the Council had in place with the Stevenage Leisure Limited since its formation in 1998, the current contract was due to end in 2023.


The following key updates were provided to the Committee:


A number of leisure facilities are included in the current leisure contract.  In respect of the project to create new leisure and sport facility, part funded by the Town Deal, would look to bring wet and dry facilities together under one site. 


The project would look in to leisure and cultural provision across the Borough to involve as many sports and arts organisations as possible in the primary stage.


The Committee noted the progression of the Leisure Contract Work Programme.


7. Corporate Performance – 4th Quarter 2020/21


The Strategic Directors (TP & CF) presented a report in relation to the Corporate Performance. The report gave a review of the performance of the fourth quarter of 2020/21 for the delivery of the Council’s priorities.


Directors provided the following key updates in response to Member questions:


·       Covid19 impacted the savings for the Council;

·       The impact of the Brexit on the community;

·       Further development of the website was planned, with Members and a Customer Testing Panel would be established;

The Committee noted the report.

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